Monitor Calibration

We offer Monitor Calibration for our customers who would prefer to do their own color corrections and image editing, giving you the control that you want over the look of your images. All of the imaging systems at Digital Pro Lab are calibrated to an industry standard of color using ICC Profiles.

A properly calibrated display will have white that matches paper white, both in terms of color and brightness. Ideally your display must be calibrated to match the print viewing conditions so you have full faith that what you see on screen is what you will get from the lab.

Monitor Match Guarantee™

We offer a Monitor-Match Guarantee to all of our customers that are working on a Calibrated Display and ordering through either DPL ROES Professional or Darkroom (formerly Darkroom). If your prints don't match your screen, then we'll reprint your order at no charge or give you your money back!

The turn-around time to have your monitor calibrated is Same-Day. Bring your computer in before 10am and it will be ready at 5pm on the same day. Monitor Calibrations are done by appointment only.

If you have a Photography Studio, we offer In-Studio Monitor Calibrations to qualified customers. To have one of our color management specialists go out to your studio and perform an In-Studio Monitor Calibration, your studio must have a store-front and be located in San Antonio, inside Loop 1604.

All customers that are working on a Color-Calibrated Monitor are eligible to order through any of our "Standard" Print ordering softwares. If you would prefer to have the lab edit your images for color, density, brightness and contrast, then "Full Service" Printing is the best option for you.

If I'm having my monitor calibrated, what do I need to bring in?

You will need to bring in your monitor, computer, 2 power cables and monitor-to-computer connection cord (VGA, DVI, Mini DVI, etc.), as well as your operating system's username and password.


Monitor Calibration can be ordered through.

  • In-store only
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