Print Scanning

Do you have prints that you need scanned and archived? We offer two different Print Scanning options: Professional Scans and Batch Scans.

Full Service Pricing 

Our Professional Scans are the highest quality scans we offer. All of our Professional Scans are adjusted for color, brightness, density and contrast by one of our trained lab technicians, giving you the best quality digital files from your scanned prints. Our Batch Scans are available while you wait on our in-store kiosks. Simply put a stack of unmounted prints (3x5 to 8x12) in the batch scanner and burn your scanned images directly to a disc or order prints from the kiosk.

We also offer Oversized and Panoramic Scanning for prints larger than 8x12.

Some older, framed prints tend to get stuck to the frame's glass. In this instance, it is possible to have your print scanned without taking it out of the frame. Removing an older print that may be stuck to the glass could possibly damaging the print. We do not remove prints that are stuck to glass, but we can digitally restore any scratches or tears that may have occured if you have removed a print from the glass yourself. Restoration fees may apply.


Print Scanning can only be ordered in our store or by mail.

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