Mount Options

We can mount your prints on artboard, styrene or black gator board. We also have ready-to-hang standout mounting.

While many people just need prints, our mounting options definitely have their place. If you're a photographer, they make a nice upgrade to any print and can save your customer some time when they go to get it framed. If you're going to buy an off-the-shelf frame, you really should mount the print, especially the larger ones. You don't want those prints to slip or buckle, so mounting them on artboard or styrene is the way to go.

For display and competition prints our 3/16-inch black gator mounts will keep them flat and meets PPA competition print guideline requirements. The 1/2-inch black gator mounts look really nice but are too thick for competition prints. Some people like to add mounting hardware to the back and hang them on the wall while others will put them on an easel for display.

Our Standout Mounts are ready to hang, they have a finished black plastic edge and holes on the back. They are light weight, so a small nail in the wall is all it takes.


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