Film Reprints & Enlargements

Film Reprints & Enlargements are available on the same Kodak Professional Endura papers as our prints from digital (Lustre, Gloss, and Metallic). With an extended print life, digital/optical exposure capability and improved processing characteristics, pros and serious amateurs alike will love the look of their images on any of these papers!

Full Service Pricing 

Pricing for Reprints & Enlargements from 35mm Negatives or Long Roll (uncut) 35mm Positives is equal to our prints from digital pricing.

For Negatives that are Single-Cut, or that require a Custom Crop specified by the customer, please add a one-time fee of $2.00 per crop or original negative.

For prints from Slide-Mounted 35mm Positives, old B&W negatives, 120/220 Negatives or 120/220 Positives there is an additional fee of $0.99 per print.

Custom print sizes are available. If your desired print size is not listed in the tables below, please contact the lab for additional pricing.

For Film Reprints of individual frames or cut film see our Kodak Pro Lustre/Gloss Prints page.


Film Reprints & Enlargements can only be ordered in our store or by mail.

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